Bowerman's cabinetry is distinctive because of the exceptional design, craftsmanship and the meticulous attention to detail. Every stage, including design, manufacturing and finishing is done in house so we are able to control every aspect to ensure exceptional quality. We also deliver and install our own cabinetry, which again allows us to provide a quality and consistent product.

Our designer and cabinetmakers are journeymen joiners with over 60 years of combined experience. While working together, they share techniques and ideas that help them create the best possible product. We use locally harvested solid wood, source the highest quality low VOC ply for boxes and use the highest quality finishes available. Our commitment to craftsmanship, quality and timeless design is unmatched in the industry.

Modern Thumbnails


Doore gallery thumb Brew Creek gallery thumb Peters gallery thumb

Alta Lake, Whistler

Brew Creek

Emerald, Whistler

Gosnell gallery thumb Rencz gallery thumb Whistler Physio gallery thumb

Smoke Bluffs, Squamish

Garibaldi Estates

Whistler Physio

Snow Valley gallery thumb

Snow Valley, Whistler

Traditional Thumbnails


Caffè Garibaldi gallery thumb Kadenwood gallery thumb Belsher gallery thumb

Caffè Garibaldi


Snowflake Park, Whistler

Lindsey gallery thumb Stensrud gallery thumb Kerr gallery thumb

Seymour River, N. Van

Whistler Log Cabin

Whistler Town Home

Vye-Emerson gallery thumb Copeland gallery thumb

West Vancouver

Raven's Plateau